Showcasing our top projects


Bhagwati Rice & Agro Industries

Gadchiroli, Maharashtra

Bhagwati Rice and Agro have a brand of rice - Kesar Kali which is very famous in Karnataka. They were looking to capitalize on their fame by improving their production pipeline and establish a stronghold in Bangalore. They knew that in order to establish a strong presence in the silicon valley of India they would need a complete digital overhaul and a strong online presence.

We digitized & automated their internal operations which vastly increased their production speeds. We also developed a novel barcode based bag identification solution for them to track the entire sales pipeline of each and every bag of rice sold. This also helped them address the problem of their bags being reused for sale duplicate and low quality rice.

We are currently establishing a strong online presence of their brand by developing a new and improved website, an app for customers to check bag authenticity & submit feedback, helping them sell their product on leading e-Commerce portals in India and running a digital marketing campaign to increase brand awareness.

Financial services

Bizminder Advisory Group Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

Bizminder has seen tremendous growth and success in the past couple of years because of their unique approach to financial analysis and their in-depth market research. But, they were unable to keep up with the increased demand for their services and were in dire need of complete digital overhaul to enable them to handle huge workload.

We understood their entire workflow and completely digitized it right from customer acquisition to internal operations to customer retention. We developed customized CRM, document management, internal team communications and project management & tracking solutions for them. We also developed a portal for gathering and maintaining their extensive market research data. Lastly, we developed an advanced analytics platform for them to monitor various sectors real time which keeps them 10 steps ahead of their competition.

We are currently developing machine learning based algorithms to analyze the vast amount of client and market data that is being captured from the systems we previously developed for them.


Dhoot Techno Projects

Pune, Maharashtra

Developed an entire mobile-based construction site management solution. All the on-site operations and reporting are done using a mobile application, which works offline and can be used on remote sites with no internet connectivity. All their on-site operational workflows were converted by us to be fully functional on mobile devices. A web app was developed for office operations and monitoring of all the sites.

Financial services

RST Advisors LLP

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Developed a cloud-based portal to digitize their company (Pvt. Ltd. & LLP) registration process. Their clients can log into the portal to create request for formation of new company and upload all of the required document using the web app. The RST team can then manage all the new applications, their documents and track the progress of various form filings.


Gauri Agrotech Products Pvt. Ltd.

Jalna, Maharashtra

Developed a customized solution for raw material purchase management, quality control documentation and sales tracking. They purchase raw material from various brokers who need access to their constantly varying prices, we developed a portal where they update their prices hourly. All the brokers can download their mobile application to check the latest price and place sales orders.


Book Doctors Time

Pune, Maharashtra

Developed responsive web app (works on mobile, tablets and desktop) for patients to look for doctors in their area, make an appointment with them and submit feedback after completion of the appointment. Doctors can manage the appointments using their personalized dashboard.

Webapp Web App

Drona Lectures

New Delhi

Develop the entire LMS for the startup aiming to provide IIT JEE coaching materials to students online. Developed a web app and an android app. Teachers can create courses and upload their course material on the web app. Students can watch the lectures and complete the assignments using either the web app or android app.

Webapp Web App Android app Android App


New Delhi

Developed android app which aims to be the ultimate networking app for traders. Using the mobile app traders can set up their own online store, add categories, product images and details in their store, get orders from and chat with fellow vendors

Android app Android App